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Last spring we had our air conditioner tuned up. Instead of leaving us to wonder when in the “10:00 am to noon” time window the technician would show up, the company sent both a text and an email when the guy was on his way. In addition, they included two small details that made a very big impression on me: The technician’s name and photo.

With safety and security on many homeowners’ minds, this small detail showed me that the company really cared. When the doorbell rang, I looked through the peephole, recognized Bryan from his head shot, and knew it was safe to open the door.


When creating a marketing plan, you naturally focus on the big picture. What are your goals? What strategies and tactics will you use to achieve these goals?

When it comes to implementation, though, the details, i.e. the “little things” that many people think don’t matter, can make a significant difference.

For example, all chocolates are not the same

Years ago I had a client who did a lot of business at trade shows. Once, before he headed out to an important show, I asked if he put out a bowl of chocolates at his booth. I knew that the vast majority of buyers at this event were women, and that most women like chocolate.

He said that he put out what I would consider to be lower-quality chocolates, such as the snack-sized Snickers bars. I recommended that he buy the individually-wrapped pieces of Dove dark chocolate instead—and emphasized that it had to be that particular product.

He took my advice, and to his surprise traffic at his booth soared way above his norm! Everyone was stopping to have a decent piece of chocolate, and, while they were doing so, taking a look at his products. He made two more trips to the store before the trade show was over, went through pounds of chocolate and had record sales.

What details should you revisit?

There are so many things to consider. For example:

While the “big picture” is always important, sometimes just a small change can make a big difference in your sales.

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