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This month’s article is an example of the power of storytelling, which is a popular technique in marketing because people love stories. A good story is memorable and relatable, and can make your point in a way that simple narrative cannot.

Take a look and tell me if you agree!


On a recent morning I was sitting at my desk writing the next chapter of a book I’m ghostwriting when I happened to look out the window. My office window has a fabulous view of a block wall and the side of my neighbor’s house. I often enjoy watching the neighborhood squirrels scamper back and forth across the top of this wall.

This time, however, I saw something that I had never seen before: A squirrel was climbing straight up the side of this two-story house. When it got to the top it poked around and headed back down.


Then it got back on top of the wall…and stood there staring at me as if to say, “Hey! Did you see what I just did?”

This squirrel offered a lesson in differentiation

In a crowded field of neighborhood squirrels, this one had managed to really stand out!

If you, like the squirrel, are operating in a market with a whole pack of seemingly identical competitors, what are you doing to differentiate your business? If you are in a competitive field, and, let’s face it, just about every business is, you must give potential customers a reason to choose you over anybody else.

Even if you are in a commodity-type industry, chances are there is something unique and special about you. Maybe you’re the “low-cost leader.” Maybe you have greater expertise or better customer service. Perhaps you have years of experience in a particular geographic area or market niche.

If I was in the market for “squirrel services” I’d choose that go-getter that practically ran up the side of the building. That squirrel demonstrated that it has something that the others do not. If I was in the marketing for your services, would your marketing materials clearly tell me why I should choose you?


Phyllis Pieri guides fledgling entrepreneurs through the franchise selection process. In this role Phyllis offers something invaluable: The insight gleaned from her 35+ years in the franchise industry. In her franchise career Phyllis has done it all, including working for franchisors, consulting with franchisees and owning franchises herself. This depth of experience enables her to help others find the “perfect match” franchise that fulfills their personal and business goals. All at absolutely no cost to them!

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