New Product Announcement for Portable Pet Water Bowl

Dear Name,

They're Here. They're Cute. And They're On Sale!

It's true - good things come in small packages. That's why we're very excited to announce that the new "Smaller" Water Rover™ portable pet water bowl is now available. With an 8-ounce bottle and a 3-inch-diameter bowl, these new Water Rovers were designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller dogs.

Introductory Special:
Order the New Smaller Water Rover
by Date and Get 25% Off Your Entire Order!!

Just use coupon code _____ at or give me a call at 866-229-3447.

The new Smaller Water Rover is perfect for walks and outings, clips onto your belt or fits easily in a tote-style carrier, and is available in 6 colors. Order today!

Best wishes,

Scott Greenberg