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Being the recipient of a well-regarded industry award can build your company’s credibility, boost morale, attract talent, help you stand out from the crowd and more. Sometimes awards provide third-party recognition of the good work your company is doing. Sometimes, as I recently experienced, they just appear to be a money-grab by the awarding entity.

Either way, it doesn’t hurt to make the most of situation—especially if most of your customers aren’t familiar with the major awards in your industry, anyway.


If you are one of my customers I’d like to congratulate you. As of June you’re not just working with an incredibly talented marketing writer. You’re now working with an internationally-recognized, Award Winning Marketer. Woo hoo!

Or should I say, “Who cares”? This particular award seems a bit dubious. Corporate Vision Magazine, a U.K. publication that I’ve never heard of, included me in their inaugural Content Creator Awards program.

To be specific, Plumtree Marketing has been named a “Leading Innovator of Marketing Content – California.” I have no idea how they found out about my company, let alone what their criteria were.
2019 Content Innovator.JPG
Of course, 191 other companies around the globe also received overly specific-sounding awards too. The list includes “Most Disruptive Recruitment Software & Advertising Specialists – UK,” “Best Charity Communications Specialist – Bay Area,” and “Best Packaging & Printing Publication – Italy.” And for a nominal fee we all have the opportunity to purchase an editorial in their publication, a lovely certificate and more. Lucky us!

What can you do when YOU win an award?

If the recognition appears questionable, one option is to simply ignore it. Certainly, I wouldn’t send any money to an awarding body that I had never heard of.

But if the award is something to be proud of, or if you want to pretend that this is the case, here are some ideas for making the most of industry recognition:

  • Issue a media release.
  • Send an announcement to your database of clients and prospects.
  • Blog about it.
  • Add the award as a “badge” on your website, brochures, email signature lines, etc. If the awarding body doesn’t provide a graphic for this, have one created.
  • Share the excitement on social media.
  • Distribute “we won” t-shirts to all of your employees.

Plus, of course, celebrate! Being recognized by your peers is a great accomplishment.


CIO Professional Services is a consulting firm focused on integrating Business and Information Technology. As such, they provide strategic IT consulting and business/IT alignment services for enterprise clients. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, their consultants are all hands-on executives who are veteran CIOs and Partners of Big 4 consulting firms.

CIO Professional Services was recently honored as one of the Top 50 Tech Companies, a significant honor! To learn more, check out the blog that I wrote for them about winning this award.

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