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Keeping Dogs Hydrated When Away From Home

Irvine, CA. October is National Pet Wellness Month, a time to focus on keeping our pets healthy and active. Unfortunately, one thing that dog owners often underestimate is hydration. Just like us, dogs need water – and lots of it!

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, “an ever-present bowl of clean water may be the most important part” of a pet’s diet. Dogs lose fluid through breathing, panting, evaporation through the feet and other body surfaces, elimination, and vomiting. Because their rate of fluid loss increases during exercise, to avoid dehydration (a serious medical condition that requires immediate veterinary attention) it is imperative that dogs have a readily available supply of water when they’re out and about.

To make it easy for dog owners to take water with them wherever they go, G4 Ventures has created Water Rover™, the portable pet water bowl.

Water Rover™ is a hassle-free way to ensure that dogs always have fresh water available on hikes, jogs, picnics, road trips, and other outings. It clips easily to the belt or waist band for hands-free carrying, is available in small and large sizes, and has a unique design that easily tips water into the bowl for use and then returns extra water to the bottle to be saved for later. Water Rover™ is available at and at pet stores nationwide.

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