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The Top 10 Reasons to Establish Business Credit

Many business owners make the mistake of using their personal credit to fund their businesses. Here are the top 10 reasons why establishing business credit is a better idea.

AURORA, Colorado — [Company Name], a financial consulting firm specializing in helping startups and existing businesses to build and manage business credit, presents the Top 10 Reasons to Establish Business Credit. “The old adage that it ‘takes money to make money’ is true,” explains Jonas Brown, President. “Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realize that they can and should establish business credit that’s separate from their personal credit.”

Across the country, the top 10 reasons to establish business credit are:

  1. Reduce Personal Liability and Risk. Establishing separate business credit reduces the business owner’s personal liability for the company’s financial commitments.

  2. Avoid Affecting or Using Personal Credit. Using personal credit for business purposes can negatively impact the personal credit and even decrease the FICO score.

  3. Obtain the Funds to Build and Grow a Start-Up Business. Business credit can turn a vision into reality.

  4. Receive Needed Funds to Expand and Support an Existing Business. Businesses don’t need to be held back by a lack of resources.

  5. Qualify for Bank Financing. For many companies this is the ultimate goal.

  6. Save Thousands of Dollars. Solid credit can enable an organization to qualify for lower rates on loans and leases.

  7. Create Credibility for the Business. Become a better candidate for business loans, leases, partnerships and government contracts.

  8. Establish Relationships with Major Suppliers. Many only work with companies that have established credit and an acceptable Paydex score.

  9. Manage Cash Flow. Businesses with long accounts receivable cycles find this particularly useful.

  10. Get a Paydex Score of 80 or Better. This is the benchmark for banks, an “A” credit rating.

[Company Name] offers a full-service Credit Builder Program that has helped thousands of businesses in all 50 states to establish solid business credit. [Company Name] follows a 4-step process that produces guaranteed results. For more information visit [url] or call the company at [phone number].


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